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Managing staff wellbeing in the workplace is a crucial skill for line managers. Early recognition, good management and knowing what practical steps to take can mean that employees get support when they need it and minimize the any negative effects on your business.

This 1 day training course is aimed at line managers from any sector and has a practical focus and application to work settings.

Aims of course:

  • To enable line managers to promote psychological wellbeing in the workplace by taking a holistic approach to managing an employee
  • Improving early recognition of stress, distress and mental health conditions at work
  • Developing practical strategies to help staff who experience poor wellbeing to retain their employment
  • Consider how to maintain or regain positive wellbeing as managers, including strategies to cope with stress in the workplace
  • Manage health related absence
  • Facilitate effective return to work strategies
  • Manage communication to the rest of your team

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