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The service we offer is bespoke workplace wellbeing support. We will tailor the audit to meet the needs of your business, taking into account your size, sector, culture and current trends. Our Holistic Workplace wellbeing audit could consist of staff surveys, a self assessment, review of current policies and procedures involving workplace Health. We methodically evaluate absence, wellbeing and occupational Health practices, and the success of these; and how they can be improved or implemented to enable improved staff health and cost savings to your business.

We will develop a detailed improvement plan that will suggest recommendations and best practice. Whatever your need, our Audit and Improvement Plan will both define and support your requirements and help you to develop a strategy for implementing health and wellbeing in the Workplace.

Benefits of workplace wellbeing:

  • Reduce sickness absence
  • Improve retention and staff morale
  • Increased performance and productivity
  • Cost savings for your business

Big Ambitions CIC is a social enterprise that provides Workplace Wellbeing support, we offer a personalised service dependant on your requirements, and you can access a range of tools and training including: executive coaching, team building, Stress Management, Workplace Health Champions, our Wellbeing Toolkit, policy development and an individual consultancy service.

‘Making workplace well-being part of our core business has helped to motivate staff in a difficult economic climate. The savings made have helped us to sustain our full operation and reduced the likelihood of redundancy. Using Big Ambitions specialist consultants to assist us in developing and implementing our workplace well-being activities has both educated and encouraged our staff, who confirm that they now feel healthier and happier in and out of work.’’

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