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So what do we do?

At Healthy Business Training our highly specialised training courses improve the productivity of your workforce and reduce sickness absence costs. We specialise in Mental Health and Stress Management in the Workplace Training.

Workplace Health might not be the first thing you think about when you think of good business management. But think about it, what are your most important business assets? Your employees!

There is a substantial evidence base that confirms effective health and wellbeing programmes have a direct relationship with improving productivity. Having happy healthy employees improves attendance, motivation and productivity (Investor in People, 2010). Which is why at Healthy Business Training we aim to help you improve the productivity of your workforce and reduce sickness absence costs. Investing in your staff’s health is investing in your business.

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Our popular courses:

Mental Health First Aid
Mental Health First Aid is a nationally recognised, accredited 2 day (12 hours) training course. The training has been designed to provide a better understanding of mental health, more confidence about mental health problems and how to offer early help to others, reduce stigma and have a better awareness of your own, and other peoples mental health issues.
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Youth Mental Health First Aid
The MHFA Youth course usually takes place over 2 full days. However, the delivery of this course is very flexible and may be delivered over a number of sessions.Our instructors provide a very safe learning environment and are trained to support you throughout the whole course.
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Stress Management
This training looks in depth at what stress is, how it impacts on the workplace, and how you can manage stress in the workplace effectively and implement preventative approaches.You will learn how to apply the HSE Stress Management standards, concentrating on six key areas of work that, if not properly managed, are associated with poor health and mental well-being.
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Mental Health Awareness
Every employee has a part in creating mentally healthy workplaces.This course aims to increase awareness of mental health at work.
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Line Manager Training
Early recognition, good management and knowing what practical steps to take can mean that employees get support when they need it and minimize the any negative effects on your business.
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